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Planning guidelines for your book event

I am here to be sure that each planner feels comfortable that their choice of author is a good fit to their goals and that the event will be one of learning and engagement. It is important that your funds are spent smartly. I hope that sharing my organizational experience will help this partnership end with a great day!
~ Janet Zade

Planning Guidelines for a Successful Book Event

  • Know what your teachers want. Do they want to repeat successful visits?
  • Check the author’s website for information about work and presentations.
  • Gather information about the number of students and classes for the visit.
  • Preview the author if possible or talk to someone who has. Contact Janet Zade for calendar information and references.
  • Work with Janet Zade to set the fee, date, place, times, audience size and age, technical needs, and discount book ordering information. A contract packet will be sent.
  • Choose committee members for various tasks.
    • Who will sign and return the contract with the deposit?
    • Who will coordinate with the teachers so that the kids are prepared and the schedule is ready?
    • Who will notify the librarian, who might make a display and help get the students prepared
    • Who will notify the local press, or put an item in the school newsletter? Who will alert the office that a visitor will be coming?
    • Who will get the final payment ready? Who will order lunch?
    • Who will coordinate book orders, if that is being done
    • Will there be an escort for the beginning of the day, or longer
    • Will the janitor be needed for set-up?
  • Coordinate with your funding source to provide for deposit, travel costs, if necessary, and payment to author on the day of the visit. We will provide a W-9 for your business office or treasurer.
  • If you plan a book signing, send book order form home in backpacks or as school web page download with last day to order.  Order books, check the accuracy of the shipment, and put signing slips in each of the books. The author will sign in spare moments or before leaving for the day.
  • Prior to the day of the event, make a display of posters and books, for the library or lobby, so that all will know this wonderful visit is happening.
  • Prior to the visit, urge the teachers to talk about the author’s visit, allow the students to read at least one of the books, and even ask the kids to write questions on a file card in preparation. The visit can be a much more valuable experience if these things are done!
  • Call your local newspaper for coverage, so that the wider community will know about the good things being done with the money raised.
  • On the day of the event, arrange for a host, make sure that all teachers have the schedule, and that the technical needs are met, provide the author’s lunch and payment, and set up a book signing area.
  • Emphasize that teachers should lead by being present and showing interest.

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