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Tips for Organizing a Successful Book Event:

Often planners are nervous about an author visit for their schools. Let my experience and these guidelines and tips help! We can make sure that your teachers will see learning, your students will be engaged and your enrichment funds will be spent well. I am here to be sure that you feel comfortable with your choice and that you will know how to put the pieces together in advance so that you too can really enjoy the day!
~ Janet Zade

Ask the following questions:

  • Do you know what the teachers want? If not, ask with a simple survey.
  • What subjects are in the curriculum?
  • What writing skills are being developed?
  • What grades do you want to reach? How many classes/students are there?
  • Do the children need to find ways to enjoy reading?
  • Do you want children to hear the author’s voice?
  • What kind of event do you want to plan: author visit, writing workshop, illustration component,reading incentive, family event, Authorfest, teacher workshop?
  • How will the event be funded? Do you need help with funding ideas?
  • Should you consider block booking with another school in the area? How will you find those schools?
  • In conjunction with the visit, do you want to have a book sale and signing for the students ,or provide books for classrooms or the library?
  • Will the author visit discount help to fund the event or will it be used to make books more affordable for students?


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